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Children's Eyecare

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Children's eye examinations are provided by us and are FREE.

Children rarely complain about their sight.  However behaviour which may indicate that a problem exists with a child's eyes includes: rubbing their eyes a lot, blinking excessively, one eye turning in or out, holding objects close to their face, or sitting too close to the TV.  If you think that your child has any of these warning signs; if there is a family history of squint/lazy eye; or if they are underachieving in school: you should now arrange an appointment  for their eyes to be examined by us.  The earlier any problems are picked up, the better the outcome.

Children do not have to be able to read to have their eyes examined.  It is possible to see whether the child has a squint or needs glasses using age appropriate tests and equipment. It may be necessary for the Optician to use eye drops which dilate the pupils, to check the health of the inside of the eyes.

If the outcome of the tests show that your child needs glasses we have an extensive range of beautiful children's frames to choose from. 

Eye problems cause half of school pupils to underperform. 

It is important that every child should have a full eye examination carried out by a qualified Optometrist before starting primary school,  and at regular intervals there after. 

We would be delighted to welcome you and your family to our practice, and promise to take good care of your child's eyesight. Book an appointment now. It's FREE and it will give you peace of mind!