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Over 60's Eyecare

over 60s eyecare Sinead mcgurk opticians

Everyone over the age of 60 is entitled to a free eye examination. 

As you get older it is important to have a good eye care routine. The NHS knows that regular eye tests are required to ensure that your vision, and the health of your eyes is at it's best level to allow you to have an active and independent lifestyle.

As part of the examination, we screen for any signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic changes and other eye conditions that could threaten your eyesight, and ultimately the way you live your life. Early detection and treatment is your best defense. That is why the NHS pays us to provide this service free of charge to everyone aged 60 and over.

Following your examination, if a new prescription is issued, Sinead McGurk Opticians can supply you with affordable, comfortable and fashionable frames to suit your style. By discussing with the optician your visual demands, lifestyle and hobbies, we will help you to achieve the optimum vision by selecting the right lenses and coatings for your glasses. 

An increasingly popular alternative for Over 60's is the use of contact lenses.  Varifocal contactlenses are now available as a one day disposable contact lens. These allow you to see clearly both far away and close up! Think of the freedom of not having to put on a pair of reading glasses in restaurants, at special functions and occassions, or going shopping.  Think of not wearing glasses in family wedding photos. Think of not wearing glasses on a wet day at the golf course, or at the gym.  Think of the possibilities.....!

Call us, get your free eye test, and let us help you to get the most from life!