EyeWear by Design

The spectacles from Sinead McGurk Opticians combine quality, absolute precision, innovation and incredible attention to detail. 

Each of our brands are designed by eyewear designers. They design glasses. That means you get quality, craftsmanship and above all, something that actually makes you look good and feel fantastic. Our brands may not be known to you yet, because we search out different/niche products from all over the world, and have put together a unique collection. 

We hand pick all our frames

Our experience tells us what to look for in a new frame when picking our collections : the quality of the material, how the frame is detailed and put together, the design, style, colours, shape and feel. 

Our collections cater for every taste and personality, for men, women and children.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Let us help you experiment with new names, shapes, colours and materials.

We know selecting frames can be a challenge. We want to simplify the process and make it an enjoyable experience. We will provide expert advice to help you select frames you adore and suit your individual requirements.